Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Award From Michelle

What a sweet surprise to receive this beautiful award from Michelle! Thanks so much Michelle, you're the best! Michelle is a super crafty city mom who recently started her own blog, please check it out here.

Here are the award rules:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you.

Thanks for the award and for reading my blog! Your comments always brighten my day!

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.


3. List three things you enjoy.

Snuggling with my kiddos, watching movies, red wine, good music, and scrapbooking of course!

4. Give the Cherry on Top Award to five people.

These five women are fantastic artists who very generously share their beautiful work as well as their creative process on their blog.

1. Jade

2. Lisa

3. Gabrielle

4. Tara

5. Natasha
If you don't already, get to know these ladies, they are all amazingly talented!


Natasha said...

Thank you sweetie! I really appreciate it! Congrats on the award. You are very talented!
Hugs, Natasha

Darien said...

Beautiful Tutorial!!!! I love those flowers!! Congratulations for the Award!!!!!!!!