Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dreamy Photo Effect Tutorial

Hi there! Just a quick post today to share a tutorial. I love to give my photos a 'dreamy' look with white paint. I think it adds a unique softness. This is how I create that effect in the photo I used for my 'Love' layout I shared in an earlier post.

You will need:

-a nonstick mat
-a paint palette
-white paint
-a stencil brush
-the photo you want to alter

1. Run the blade of your scissors along the edge of the photo to mildly distress it. I don't recommend the edge distresser for this step as your photo may tear.

2.Pour a little bit of white paint on your palette and spread it around so that your brush will only get a light coating of paint on it.

3. Start applying the paint on the craft sheet and slowly work the brush toward the photo. As you do this, hold the brush at an angle and apply lightly. This is very important in order to avoid harsh straight lines.

4.That's it! You're done! The paint 'frame' can be as wide or narrow as you desire.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and that you give it a try! Now, I'd like to invite you to head over to My Creative Scrapbook to watch a video tutorial created by my team mate Delaina. In the video she shows you how she created a beautiful layout from start to finish using the fabulous July Limited Edition kit. Watch the video here.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day!


Camilla Ekman said...

What a great tip, Jolaine!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Jeannine said...

You're right, it does give the photo a dreamy effect. I'll definitely be trying this one. Thank you for the tutorial!

Pendra said...

Love this... I know you can probably do this on a photo software site, but I am a hands on kinda gal. TFS!!!

Jeni O'Connor said...

Thanks so much Jolaine for your sweet comment at OUAS.
I hope to see your eautiful work there. I just adore all your creations.